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A Hat for a Boy

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011


I have the distinct pleasure to be knitting a few hats and scarves for Christmas presents this year and believe it or not, I’m on the ball! I know this sounds impossible but I’m sure I’ll finish all my HAVE TO knitting and then pick up a few projects that start out as MAYBE THESE WILL GET DONE and become THESE ALSO NEED TO BE DONE AND ITS DECEMBER 24TH items. Anyhow, if you are knitting for a dude I highly recommend the Habitat hat by Jared Flood.


This pattern is not necessarily for the faint of heart when it comes to cables. There is cabling in this hat. A lot of it. Sometimes every row. It drove me a little nuts at times but it’s so few rows to really worry about and the overall effect is marvelous. I knit this one up in Louet Gems Worsted so it’s nice and washable for an easy care individual. There is definitely still time to bust out more than one of these before the merry deadline.