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Oh The Cowls You’ll Make

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

I know, I know, cowl crazy right? There are just so many promising yarn combinations, colour combinations, and patterns to choose from! The best thing about a trunk show is seeing the finished garments IN PERSON. A photo is great but there’s nothing better than trying something on. This doesn’t mean that mine will turn out exactly the same, especially as I freely substitute yarns, but it does offer some great inspiration. Amanda, Kynna, and Anina have been cowling (just made that word up, I think it’s a keeper) away and here are a 2 of their FO’s from Cowl Girl Knits.


Amanda’s Eyelet Cowl: This cowl was made with Mirasol Qina, Tilli Tomas Mega Skein, and Alchemy Juniper. This is quite the beautiful yarn cocktail! Tilli Tomas is always a knitters little luxury, the colours are stunning with just a slight variegation. The Qina is a super soft yarn, my daughter has a whole sweater in it and it’s warm and wonderful. The Alchemy Juniper is one of my latest obsessions, it’s soft and stretchy and Alchemy’s colour pallette is the stuff dreams are made of. I’ll be picking up a couple of skeins for some luxurios socks tomorrow!


Kynna’s High Contrast: Kynna knit this little beauty up in Luxury Alpaca. The key to making this cowl really work is (as the name suggests) the contrast between colours. If you were to use colours that were closer together in shade or intensity it just wouldn’t have the same effect. Choose wisely! The original pattern calls for the Classic Elite Ariosa, which we do carry in some beautiful colours, but having felt Kynna’s cowl, I think I would make mine in the alpaca too!

Mohair and Slouchy Hats

Monday, February 14th, 2011


There is something about combining yarns of different fibers that is just so much fun. The combination of a solid and a hand dye, or even two different solids often makes the yarn come alive. Both Kynna and Amanda have knit up a great slouchy hat (pattern is free here) using 2 different yarns held together and the effect is amazing! I am especially smitten with the mohair in the mix, there are a few new mohairs around the shop so there are a lot to choose from. This hat calls for lace weight to be combined with the mohair which makes for some stunning options.



Amanda went with a slightly more subtle combination of Malabrigo Lace and the newest mohair around the shop, Debbie Bliss Angel (pictured above), a silk mohair combination. I think the hat is gorgeous of course, slouchy being all the rage. The mohair gives off a beautiful halo but it’s not quite as fuzzy as, say, an angora. If you’re looking for another solid mohair we’ve also got Shibui’s Silk Cloud. This one has a slightly higher silk content giving it a nice shine in addition to the mohair halo.


Kynna went with a bolder colour combination and a self striping lace. The lace is Zauberball, a very cool yarn, it comes in sock and lace weights and a absolutely LOVE the way it stripes up. For this hat 2 strands of the lace are held together, so instead of striping the Zauberball has a wonderful depth of colour. There are really 3 different greens coming through at any given time, how wonderful. It’s not even so much a stripe as it moves from one colour or shade to the next. The mohair is a hand dye from Alchemy called Haiku. The emerald combo is to dye for, well chosen Kynna!


When it Rains….

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010


Sometimes it seems that when it rains it pours and nowhere else is that as relevant as it is in Vancouver, the rainy city. In this case I am thinking more about knitting trends than actual precipitation but it works every which way today. Sometimes patterns that wouldn’t normally strike my interest are suddenly very appealing indeed: when I see them knit up in a lovely yarn.


This week at Urban Yarns we had quite a bit of show and tell and I think my favorite is the Pasha Hat by Jane Richmond. Both Amanda and Kynna knit this lacy wonder (apparently they were separately inspired). Just like the toy craze and our somewhat failed reindeer sweater knit along both customers and staff at UY are often inspired by each other to knit up a pleasing pattern. It’s one thing to see a photo of a knitted project or to read through a pattern but you just really never know quite how something is going to turn out. This is especially true when you are making any sort of substitution but even just changing the knitter can alter the way a pattern comes out. This isn’t necessarily a problem, I think it’s a good thing really. Patterns are flexible and unique every time they are knit this way and I think that’s wonderful.


Both Kynna and Amanda knit up a beautiful hat with really different results, just using different yarns. Amanda’s hat has a kind of vintage quality and the 70’s mustard colour while Kynna’s has sort of a wintery look in the icy blue. I quite like them both and I like them even better once I gave them a feel. Oh, they are soooooo soft! It’s like touching a cloud. Amanda’s yarn is a single skein of the Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca, a new addition to the shop. It comes in a range of lovely colours for you to try out your own colour scheme. Kynna knit hers up in Debbie Bliss Andes, a lovely silk blend with a loose spin. The hat knit up beautifully in both yarns and there are, of course, many to choose from!