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Mohair and Slouchy Hats

Monday, February 14th, 2011


There is something about combining yarns of different fibers that is just so much fun. The combination of a solid and a hand dye, or even two different solids often makes the yarn come alive. Both Kynna and Amanda have knit up a great slouchy hat (pattern is free here) using 2 different yarns held together and the effect is amazing! I am especially smitten with the mohair in the mix, there are a few new mohairs around the shop so there are a lot to choose from. This hat calls for lace weight to be combined with the mohair which makes for some stunning options.



Amanda went with a slightly more subtle combination of Malabrigo Lace and the newest mohair around the shop, Debbie Bliss Angel (pictured above), a silk mohair combination. I think the hat is gorgeous of course, slouchy being all the rage. The mohair gives off a beautiful halo but it’s not quite as fuzzy as, say, an angora. If you’re looking for another solid mohair we’ve also got Shibui’s Silk Cloud. This one has a slightly higher silk content giving it a nice shine in addition to the mohair halo.


Kynna went with a bolder colour combination and a self striping lace. The lace is Zauberball, a very cool yarn, it comes in sock and lace weights and a absolutely LOVE the way it stripes up. For this hat 2 strands of the lace are held together, so instead of striping the Zauberball has a wonderful depth of colour. There are really 3 different greens coming through at any given time, how wonderful. It’s not even so much a stripe as it moves from one colour or shade to the next. The mohair is a hand dye from Alchemy called Haiku. The emerald combo is to dye for, well chosen Kynna!


GCC: A Little Something Springy

Monday, May 10th, 2010


Last weekend was Mother’s day (I hope this isn’t news to anyone) and I wanted to do a little knitting for my Mother in Law. It wasn’t just Mother’s day for her either, it was also her birthday! I figured this was a prime oportunity to display my fine knitting skills. MIL has blonde hair and fair skin and LOVES pink so I thought I would give the new Shibui Sock a try. It comes in some great colours and even though I immediately gravitated towards the deep tealy blues, I knew the soft pink was perfect for MIL. I didn’t want to make socks though, just not right for the occasion. I decided to whip together a small shawl/triangular scarf.


I picked up 2 skeins and some addi lace needles (sharp tip, not too slippery, I love them) and I was ready to go, except for the pattern. I recently finished Multnomah so I didn’t want to do that one again but I didn’t feel there was time for anything too taxing. There definitely had to be some garter or stockinette stitch finished with a little lace. Here is what I discovered: there are SO MANY patterns on Ravelry (both pay and free) that fit this description. While this may seems like a good thing, it was a lot of choice. The one I finally chose was Traveling Woman. There is some Stockinette stitch to kick it off (good conversational knitting) and then it’s finished with a nice horeshoe lace trim.


To knit a Traveling Woman of your very own you will need:

2 skeins of Shibui Sock

3.5mm needles (I used 24″ Addi Lace) I thing my needles may have been a bit small though, I got an extra repeat of the horeshoe pattern and the fabric over all was a bit tight. The nice thing about lace though is that you can kind of use any needle you want, things will just come out a little bigger, a little smaller, a little more open. It all really comes down to preference. To get one just like mine you can use 3.5mm but I think a 3.75 or 4mm would be quite nice as well.

The pattern, which you can find for free here.

So, if your looking for something quick and not too tricky give it a whirl! Enjoy!