• Go Green

Check out our collection of earth friendly fibres from the Southwest Trading Company. Both UY stores currently have displays of earth-friendly SWTC yarns, sample garments and free informative handouts.

We recently received the SWTC “Amaizing” yarn, made of 100% corn fibre. Corn fibre is a completely natural, renewable resource and is wholly biodegradable. The yarn is very soft, the colours won’t fade and it is machine washable and dryable. This is a perfect yarn to use for children’s garments, baby blankets and baby clothes. Just wash those spills away in the machine. Come to think of it, I should knit myself a sweater with this one…

We also have the SWTC “Pure” yarn, made of 100% soysilk and dyed in gorgeous, rich jewel colours. Soysilk fibre is made from the soybean residue remaining after tofu is produced. Soy is another natural, renewable resource that is wholly biodegradable. Soysilk fibre feels as soft as real silk and has a shiny pearl-like lustre.

One of our most popular new sock yarns is SWTC “Tofutsies“, a yarn containing the chitin fibre. Chitin is made from the shells of shrimp and crab! It’s extracted from the shells discarded by the commercial seafood industry. This yarn has natural deodorizing and anti-bacterial properties. Shouldn’t all socks contain this fibre? If you love to knit socks with Tofutsies, check out the Tofutsies Sock Club.

You should also have a look at the SWTC yarn, “Love“, made of 70% bamboo and 30% silk. Bamboo is another natural and renewable resource that is processed free of any petrochemicals. It’s cool to the skin and comfortable to wear, with a beautiful drape and softness.

For your next project, choose one of these beautiful, earth-friendly fibres and Go Green with your knitting!

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