• Sock Boot Camps

We’ve had a lot of fun with our Sock Boot Camps. Troops learn to knit a mini-training sock in a 3 hour session, then take their new techniques home and knit a real pair of socks. Does it work? Just ask Heidi:

“I attended your Sock Boot Camp in West 10th on August 21st and have now completed my first sock. Just one so far but the other has been started. I just wanted to say that the “boot camp” really seemed to work as I did not need any help during the time it took to knit this one. I did seem to remember the steps as I went along even though I was skeptical going in to class that I could pull this off. I wanted to make one right away before the training left my head…. I am confident now and want to thank you for offering the class and for Jackie for being a good teacher. (I’ve only been knitting since May of this year and am still very much a beginner.)”

This is Heidi’s first sock:

Not only is it gorgeous, it’s a perfect fit. And the second sock is almost completed. Congrats Heidi!

Sock Boot Camps are scheduled in Point Grey on Thursdays, October 11 & November 1 and in Edgemont Village on Monday, October 15. All classes run from 6 – 9 p.m. To register, send an email or phone us at 604-228-1122. Have a look at our class schedule for more information on all of our upcoming classes.

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