• Yarn Tasting

We had a full house again last night for the Handmaiden Yarn Tasting. Jana Dempsey, the Main Maiden, arrived with tubs full of beauteous, lovingly hand-dyed yarn for us to taste. Much of this luscious yarn went home with new owners who will no doubt give it the attention and adoration it deserves. Here’s Jana, her friend Christie and a fan who found lots of cashmere and silk calling her name:

There were many smiling knitters with baskets full of sumptuous yarn they couldn’t live without:

Nicholas’s family was in town so they all dropped by, including the two proud Grandmas who taught him how to knit:

A very fun time was had by all. If you didn’t make it to the Yarn Tasting, don’t feel left out. We couldn’t let Jana go home with any leftovers so we kept loads of her luxurious yarn to hang on our Handmaiden wall, including some Camelspun, Grande Godiva, Great Big Sea, Lace Silk, Lady Godiva, Mini Maiden and Silken. You can look at them all right here.

We’ve just received some great new kits from Perl Grey, part of the Fleece Artist/Handmaiden family. The Coco kit:

And the Ana Bandana kit:

Both gorgeous, quick knits that are flying off the shelves. Happy Knitting!

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