• The Show Must Go On

It snowed in Vancouver on Sunday. Our city pretty much shuts down when it snows. Schools and stores close early, people don’t drive, everyone hunkers down at home, drinking a hot beverage and talking about THE SNOW. It’s really weird. Anywhere east of the Rockies, it’s business as usual on a snowy day. Not here.

Sure enough, the phone started ringing on Sunday afternoon. “Has Debbie cancelled?”, “I can’t go out in the snow”, “Is the event still on?”, “I don’t have snow tires” etc. , etc.

Of course Debbie Stoller is a trooper, she didn’t cancel. She enchanted the diehards who showed up and signed many books, despite THE SNOW and a nasty earache. Thanks Debbie!

Lorra braved THE SNOW, enjoyed the event and wrote us a lovely email the next day: “I wanted to say “Thank You!” for hosting the book launch with Debbie Stoller last night. I really enjoyed hearing her speak and I just love her style and positive outlook. I’ll be having a great week – despite all the rain – every time I think about her hip message and funky attitude. Thanks again for an inspiring event.” Thanks Lorra, we’re glad you could join us, the pleasure was all ours!

We took a few photos. These are some very cool mitts from Debbie’s new book:

And an edgy toque:

Love the scarf:

Want the shirt:

We have a few autographed copies of Son of Stitch and Bitch available for purchase – they won’t last long.

And now for the Tuesday specials. This week’s featured yarns are Plassard Bibop and Grignasco Karma, at 30% off. These are fun, bobbly yarns that are great for scarves, edging and well, almost anything you’d like to knit. Julia knit a very cute vest out of Karma awhile ago. Julia, please send a photo!

Have a look at the specials page on our website for all of our current and upcoming specials.

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