• Happiness is…

Sunshine, knitting, the beach, the pool, a mojito… You get the idea. I have to confess, we haven’t seen much yarn yet, but we’ve had lots of sun.

Sadly, I lost the coin toss and it’s me in the bikini photo.

I’m knitting Jared Flood’s Iro Scarf and absolutely loving it. I cast on 18 stitches using 7mm needles, garter stitch all the way. Jared knit his scarf in only one day, I think mine will be done in two.

Anina just finished a pair of slippers using some ultra-soft yarn that she purchased on her travels at (gasp!) another yarn store. A luscious combo of french angora, tussah silk and fine wool. If we find it at the show we will buy some and share with you.

Now we’re off to the Fashion Show where manufacturers and designers display their latest beautiful creations. The best of show receives first prize and bragging rights for the rest of the weekend. Should be fun…

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