• Hats Off!

We’ve seen some fabulous hats lately. Hats are such great projects – everyone needs one (or more) and they’re usually quick to finish.

Check out Jenny’s wonderful slouch hat:

It’s Wendy Bernard’s “Le Slouch” design. Jenny can’t remember exactly which yarn she used but we think Rowan’s Scottish Tweed Aran would work well for this one.

Next up is Sheila’s daughter, the adorable and spunky Miss Anna, modelling her “Toasty Topper“:

Sheila worked in our Point Grey store until about a year ago when she left to become a busy full-time mom. This hat is a great design for kids. The built in scarf not only keeps the neck warm but also keeps the hat on the head. It’s knit in one piece with very little finishing. Sheila can’t remember which yarn she used but the pattern calls for a 16 stitch gauge in stockinette stitch. Try using Gedifra Living, single-stranded. Or knit two strands of a DK weight yarn together, as suggested in the pattern.

Later the same day, Carmen wandered in wearing a fantastic, whimsical hat of her own design:

It would be a great stash-buster! There are little bits of many different yarns used in that hat.

And if like me, you’re a member of the Jared Flood fan club, you’ve probably seen his latest hats. The gorgeous yellow hat with earflaps is an adaptation of the Thorpe pattern. It looks like a great design, knit from the top down with abundant colour options. And check out Jared’s second hat that’s knit with Silk Garden and Cascade 220. Love the shape, love the colours. Once again, Jared’s creations are simply stunning.

Finally, here’s my latest hat:

It’s the Yarn Harlot’s Unoriginal Hat, knit with BSA Duotones. It’s a size XL, I have to fold up the brim to keep it out of my eyes. But it’s still a pleasure to wear. The yarn is 50% wool, 50% alpaca, which makes it warm, cozy and supersoft. No itchy forehead with this one. I thought I’d finish the hat with two skeins but sadly I had to use about 10% of a third skein for the last few rows. Rowan Big Wool or Ribbon Twist should work well for this design.

And if you want an uber-original, edgy hat that would be great for cold days skiing or boarding, check out the Jackyll & Hide. Too funny.

Hats off to all of you creative souls, knitting and crocheting such fantastic creations that never cease to inspire us.

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