• What did Herman Bring?

Meet Herman, our Postie:

We’re always happy to see Herman’s smiling face, especially when he’s delivering some big boxes of Fleece Artist yarn.

On Friday he brought us some of the charming new Sea Vines vest kits:

These have 200g of Seawool (70% merino and 30% seacell) and are knit on 4mm needles.

And some new Little Squares Blanket kits:

It looks so cozy. These have 500g of Mo and 500g of Blue Face Leicester, knit on 7mm needles. I just might have to add one of these kits to my stash(es). Yes, Anina and I often take things home with us and tuck them away like little squirrels. My handsome groom was recently puzzled to find yet another stash in one of our closets, he just doesn’t get it. “But you have a whole store full of yarn?!?”, I think I heard him mutter. (He’s learned not to speak so disrespectfully at normal volume.) Needless to say, his comment did not justify a reply…

We also have lots more of the luscious, supersoft Peter Rabbit angora, in a bunch of new colourways:

Warning: to touch it is to covet it!

And there are tons of great bargains left in our Pre-Inventory sale that runs until February 10. The entire list is right here. Might be a good time to add to your stash or better yet, start a new one….

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