• First in the Door

We’ve been open almost 4 years now, amazingly. Time flies. We still remember our first customer – the Rowan lady. The day before we officially opened we were working one evening, trying to finish all the last-minute details. The front windows were totally covered with brown paper but we had the door open and a man poked his head in. “Is this a knitting store?”, he asked incredulously. “My wife will LOVE this, are you open for customers?” Having just spent a small fortune on inventory, leasehold improvements, computers etc., we were not only open for customers, we were in fact desperate for customers. His wife arrived within half an hour and bought bunches of Rowan yarn. We’ve loved her ever since. Meet Ingrid, the Rowan lady and our very first customer:

She’s wearing her most recent project, the beautiful Fleece Artist “Lady of the Lake” cardigan. The kit comes with a pattern, 250g curlylocks and 300g kid aran. It’s a quick knit with two strands of yarn knit together on 6.5m needles. Valerie, who works in Edgemont two days a week, also knit a Lady of the Lake, in a beautiful shade of blue. It’s currently on display in the Edgemont store window.

Accompanying Ingrid is the adorable Miss Millie in a cute little handknit hat, natch. Four year old Teddy usually comes along but he was at pre-school yesterday. Teddy first visited when he was three weeks old and Millie was probably even younger. Hopefully these kids will be knitters someday soon.

Ingrid’s current project is the beautiful Babette blanket. She scooped up the Koigu the day it arrived and started hooking. Anina is also hooked on Babette, here is her progress as of week two:

Warning: this project has addictive qualities.

A customer recently commented that some mini Babettes knit in cotton would make beautiful placemats for summer patio tables. What a fantastic idea, thanks Jane!

Learn how to crochet a Babette blanket at our May 4 workshop, 1 – 4 p.m. Phone the store or email us for more information. This class is almost full so don’t delay.

Our special yarn this week is Crystal Palace Waikiki at 40% off the regular price. Waikiki is 62% viscose and 38% cotton and knits at 5 – 6 st per inch on 4mm needles. Check out all of our yarn specials right here.

Happy knitting and hooking!

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