• What’s with all the animals?

Did you see the incredible sock monkeys on the Yarn Harlot’s blog last week? Unbelievable. There are knitting monkeys, rasta monkeys, yoga monkeys, cute monkeys, ugly monkeys, you should take a look.

Then Sigrid came in this week with an adorable knitted rabbit that she’s named “Garcon Lapin”:

GL is cute and cuddly as any bunny should be. Sorry but we don’t have the pattern. He’s one of a kind.

We do have patterns for the Knitting at Noon Prehistoric Pals and Safari Friends. There have been lots of these little critters knit up in the last while:

Ditto for the adorable Blue Sky Alpacas Baby Bobbi Bears:

And we can’t forget the poodle wine cover that Jen knit for her friend, Tracy:

Now I’ve caught the animal knitting bug. I was reminded of the Knitty sock monkey hat when the Yarn Harlot recently wrote about knitting one for her nephew. I’ve always wanted to make that hat. So I picked up some Mission Falls yarn and started knitting:

This hat is destined for my favourite niece, who’s a big monkey fan. I think she’s gonna like it.

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