• Alchemy Trunk Show

This week we received an unbelievably beautiful collection of sample garments from Alchemy Yarns. I’m not kidding, these are some of the most gorgeous hand knit garments that I’ve ever seen.

Remember Clara Parke’s rave review of Haiku? You can’t fully appreciate the beauty of this yarn until you see it knit up. We have two amazing sample garments in Haiku, the Muse:

And the Illusionist Shawl:

Both are incredibly stunning. These garments have a magical magnet-like force. You will be drawn to fondle them and once you do, you will find it very hard to walk away. You think I’m joking. Just try it.

We have lots more magnificent samples from Alchemy’s recent book, Destination Alchemy, including the Origamist, Cable Cardigan, Tre Tre Chic Kerchief, Math Geek Scarf and Slanted Eyelet Scarf, all knit with Silk Purse. We also have the Connoisseur Pullover that’s knit with a combination of Haiku and Silk Purse. And the Surfer that’s knit with Silken Straw.

Sadly we can keep this fabulous collection for only one week. Any fondling must be done this weekend, then it will all be packaged up on Monday. Sorry Edgemont but this trunk show is only in Point Grey. We didn’t have time to transfer it over the bridge and back. If it’s any consolation, we’ll soon receive a Mission Falls trunk show that will appear in both stores…

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