• Bag Lady

I admit it. My closet is cluttered with a ridiculous number of bags. Sadly, this is partly a function of the number of unfinished projects residing within the bags. It seems that no matter how many bags I’ve stashed away, I still have a hard time saying no when new bags arrive. At least one of our latest additions will soon be added to my collection.

We have a few of the fabulous Zhivago Bags from Offhand Designs. If you feel like splurging on a TDF bag, this is the one:

There’s enough room inside for a full sweater project or for a wonderful weekend away. It has two deep outside pockets, six inside pouch pockets and an inside zipper pocket to keep everything organized. Quality materials are used throughout, including the plush limited edition velvet, chenille and brocade exteriors. A very edgy bag.

We also have Offhand Design’s Circular Clutches:

Amy Singer of Knitty called these “…the best case I’ve found anywhere for storing circular needles, period.” Check out the whole review in Knitty’s Spring 2007 Cool Stuff section. You just can’t have too many bags…

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