• Too Much Yarn

We have a bit of a problem. It’s a nice problem, but a problem nonetheless. Our stores are bursting at the seams. And Herman keeps bringing us boxes. Box after box after box. Did we really order all this stuff?

Last week we received 35 boxes:

And there are more on the way.

I can hardly begin to tell you what’s new. The stuff is piled everywhere. The new Louisa Harding pattern book for babies and toddlers was sitting in one of the boxes. Super cute. The matching yarn is gorgeous, had a quick squeeze. The new Noro book, Joy, has some fabulous new designs. And there are several bags of a new Noro yarn, Matsuri, it looks fantastic. One box was bursting with some new Fleece Artist kits and yarn. There’s also more of the beautiful Butterfly mercerized cotton in some stunning colours:

There’s a big box full of new books, the Interweave Harmony Guide Basic Crochet book was at the top of the pile. Looks great. There’s also the new Shibori Knitted Felt book, Victoria Lace Today, Knitting Classic Style, Vogue Felted Crochet and many others. Hope to have some photos and more details sometime soon…

In the meantime, we need to make some room. So before we pop the balloons and take down the signs, we’re going to extend our anniversary sale for another 6 days. With an extra 10% off all current sale prices. That’s right folks, what was 25% off is now 35%, what was 40% off is now 50%, etc. Here’s The List. But these bargains are only available until Sunday, May 25. Then we’ll clean up the sale chaos and organize the lovely new things…

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