• Cathy was Killed Today

Have you met Cathy?

She’s an occasional UY staffer who’s always up for anything fun. When she heard about Hat Attack, she signed up right away. Sadly she’s been too busy to knit much of her hat this week and today she met her demise.

Helen of Liverpool has confessed to the crime. She sent a card to her victim:

This is the note inside the card:

In case you have trouble reading the note, it says: “Hello Cathy, I’m sorry to say that you are dead. Slain with a blue and green horror. May it keep you warm in the afterlife.” And yes, in the photo above Cathy’s wearing the ‘blue and green horror’ that killed her. Too funny…

Are the rest of you Hat Attackers still alive? Let us know how you’re doing in the competition…

One Response to “Cathy was Killed Today”

  1. Alexa says:

    Whew! You just about gave me a heart attack Les! Good thing I kept reading….