• Mirasol

Check out Jane Ellison’s fabulous Mirasol Book III:

There are loads of fantastic designs as well as some wonderful photos shot in Yorkshire, UK.

And we have two stunning new Mirasol yarns. Tupa is a gorgeous combo of merino and silk:

Love the lustrous sheen…

We also have the lovely Qina, a beautifully soft blend of baby alpaca and bamboo. The Mirasol yarns are all so tempting, with beautiful, rich colour palettes.

And we’ve re-stocked our shelves with several other luscious Mirasol yarns like Hacho, Miski, Sulka and T’ika.

We feel good buying these yarns because a portion of all the Mirasol sales benefit the disadvantaged Peruvian community where the yarn originates. The Mirasol Project is named after a young girl named Mirasol who, with her younger brother, tends 350 alpacas. The Project funds a boarding house for the local alpaca shepherds’ families in Mallkimi, Peru, where impoverished children like Mirasol now benefit from an education and other important resources that Canadian children take for granted. In less than one year, over $160,000. Cdn. was contributed to the Mirasol Project from the sale of Mirasol yarn. Read more about the Mirasol Project right here. What a wonderful story…

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