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We’re pleased to announce that Cheryl Niamath will join Jane Ellison for our special event on Saturday, October 25, noon to 3:00 p.m. at the UBC Golf Club.

Remember Cheryl? She’s the amazing Vancouver woman who learned to knit about four years ago, then very quickly moved on to publishing her own designs. This is Fetching, Cheryl’s first published pattern:

The truly amazing part of Cheryl’s story is that Fetching has rapidly become the second most popular pattern on Ravelry, with a remarkable 7511 knitters who have either finished or are working on their own fetching fingerless gloves. 7511!!! Imagine learning a new craft one day, then calmly progressing to publishing a stratospherically popular design in just a couple of years!

Cheryl went on to publish a bunch of terrific designs like Dashing, Wisp, False Modesty and Glowbal Warming. You can see them all on Cheryl’s site. We think her Sprout baby hat is one of the cutest ever:

Becky and Anina couldn’t resist knitting a Sprout. Just one ball of Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran and you’re done. Betcha can’t knit just one.

Cheryl will kick off the event at noon so don’t be late. She’ll give a short talk and show some of her hats, mitts and other samples.

Then Jane Ellison will take the stage at around 12:30 p.m. Talk about hot new designers, Jane has published thirty design books in the last five years! She started with Simply Noro:

One of our all-time favourites. Alison recently knit the cover shawl:

Love it. We’ll be showing the shawl at our event. Thanks for sharing, Alison!

Following Simply Noro, Jane produced another six Noro books in rapid succession, including Noro Knits, Naturally Noro, Noro Unlimited, Pure Noro, Noro Joy and Noro Family. If you have any of these books on your shelves, feel free to bring them along for the author’s signature.

Jane’s gone on to publish three fantastic books for the Mirasol line of yarns. Mirasol Book 3 was released this Fall:

And Mirasol Book 4 will be launched at our event. It’s a brand new book with designs for children and babies, using the wonderful Mirasol line of yarns.

Jane has become a dedicated Ambassador for the Mirasol Project. She’s passionate about the work being done to help the shepherds’ children in the Puno region of Peru, where the Mirasol Centre is located. She’s seen firsthand what’s been accomplished in a short period of time and she’s excited about the project’s potential. A portion of all sales of Mirasol books and yarns is contributed to the Mirasol Project.

Jane will talk about the design process and her experiences as a designer, then she’ll show off a bunch of samples from the Mirasol books. We’ve had a sneak peek and they’re fabulous! She’ll also talk about the progress of the Mirasol Project.

After their talks, Jane and Cheryl will sign patterns and books and chat with guests. The designers’ books, patterns and Mirasol yarns will be 10% off the regular price at this event and we’ll take special orders for any books or yarn colours that we don’t have in stock.

Then we’ll head down the street to Urban Yarns for some casual chitchat with wine and nibbles on hand. Should be fun!

We’ve sold a lot of tickets for this event and space is limited so if you’d like to attend, don’t delay! To purchase a ticket, either send an email or phone us at 604-228-1122. And if we’re sold out when you call sometime next week, don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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