• More New Stuff

There’s another great new Noro book, Collection 3, by Jenny Watson:

With some fabulous designs for Kureyon and Silk Garden.

We also have a scrumptious new Noro yarn, Yuzen:

Just wouldn’t feel like Fall without a new Noro. This one’s 50% wool, 34% silk and 10% mohair with the trademark Noro striping.

Love this sweater coat knit in Yuzen:

The pattern’s in Jane Ellison’s new book, Noro Family:

We’ve also put out on our shelves several delicious new colours of Silk Garden and Iro. Yum.

And we just received a cute new Louisa Harding book, Kindred Spirits:

With some great designs for kids and their moms.

And there’s lots, lots more. Details to follow…

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