• Remarkable Rowan

Every season Rowan publishes stacks of design books that are incredibly inspiring. When the new books arrive, we gather around, flip through the pages and drool over the fantastic new designs. There are always way too many choices…

This season is no exception. Rowan kicked off the Fall knitting season in July with Magazine 44, a special anniversary issue. Fabulous as ever.

The Cocoon Collection is another new Rowan book for Fall:

With sixteen enticing designs using the luscious Cocoon yarn, an uber-soft merino and kid mohair mix with a 14 stitch gauge for quick results. There are many tempting projects in this one.

And check out The Colourscape Chunky Collection:

This collection has fourteen terrific new designs by Sarah Hatton using the fantastic new Colourscape Chunky yarn by Kaffe Fassett. This 100% lambswool yarn is created by a unique process – only 300 kils per machine can be produced in a week. The colours of this yarn are absolutely amazing, from deep mysterious tones of purples, maroons and turquoise to the softness of dusty pastels. Drop by sometime and have a look at this beautiful new yarn.

The British Sheep Breeds Collection is another great new Rowan book for Fall. Classic designs, classic yarn, Rowan’s gone back to its roots with this one.

Next up are the Rowan Studio books featuring up to the minute contemporary designs published every two months. The cutting edge of fashion… This is Issue Seven, Twists and Turns:

Featuring seven elegant classics with a twist. The designs feature a sampling of Rowan’s yarns including Wool Cotton, Kid Classic, Scottish Tweed DK, Big Wool and Kid Silk Haze. We have ‘em all…

And to top it all off, there’s Kim Hargreaves’ fabulous series of books for Rowan yarns. Her latest, Thrown Together, has sixteen terrific designs:

We adore this book and the luscious yarns that go with it. Big Wool, Calmer, Felted Tweed, Kid Classic, Kid Silk Haze, Kid Silk Aura, all on our shelves.

We also have Kim Hargreaves’ popular books Nectar and Heartfelt. This is Heartfelt, The Dark House Collection:

With another twenty-one fantastic designs for a variety of Rowan yarns including Big Wool, Biggy Print, Calmer, Cocoon, Felted Tweed, Handknit Cotton, Kid Classic, Kid Silk Haze, Kid Silk Aura and Summer Tweed, they’re all out on our shelves.

Check out the Cherish Cardigan, a fabulous fitted cropped cardi with garter stitch edging, slightly flared sleeves and single button fastening. A quick knit with just 4 – 5 balls of Big Wool on 12mm needles. If you’re a Big Wool fan, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve just added three colours to our Big Wool special at 40% off:

They’re a great bargain at only $9.57 per ball. These colours aren’t yet in Edgemont but they’ll arrive sometime next week.

Remarkably, there are even more Rowan books this season. We haven’t yet shown the three fabulous Rowan Classic books that were recently published. Stay tuned for more details…

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