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The Good News:

Addi’s new interchangeable needle sets have arrived in Point Grey:

These are fantastic sets, with 10 different sizes of addi tips, 3 different lengths of cord and one connector piece. Simply insert the cord into the tip, then twist. The tip will remain secure until you change it.

The Bad News:

You guessed it, we didn’t receive many sets. The quantity ordered means nothing with a hot product like this. What can I say, we’re in Canada, eh?

So it’s first come, first served and we’re pretty sure they’ll be sold out today. The first customers to arrive in Point Grey or phone with $179.95 plus tax will be among the first in Canada to own one of these coveted needle sets.

If you miss out and are terribly disappointed, please accept our apologies – we’re disappointed too! Just put your name on your list and we promise to call when the next shipment arrives.

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