• Gnarly Gnome

Anina knit and felted this cute Gnome and Mushroom set. It’s a Marie Mayhew design – we have the patterns as well as a kit with extras like roving for the nose and beard, beads for the eyes, cork for the pipe and plastic pellets and fibrefill for stuffing. If you prefer, make a few simple changes and turn your gnome into Santa Claus. Have a look at photos of Anina’s gnome on her ravelry site.

Apparently this felting of little creatures is a bit addictive, Anina’s now working on a set of Snowbabies:

The pattern includes directions for three hat designs and a scarf. These babes will be about 4 1/2″ tall after felting.

We have several other fabulous Marie Mayhew designs, including Woolly Holiday Ornaments:

The pattern includes three ornament designs: a classic ball, teardrop and beaded ball.

Love the Crazy Quilt Holiday Stocking:

Use your imagination for embroidery and embellishments to make your own unique stocking. The finished size is about 8″ wide and 22″ high.

These are all great gift ideas. And they’re manageable projects that could easily be started and finished in a weekend. Drop by and check out our collection of Marie Mayhew designs and all the other new stuff we have on our shelves…

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