• New Noro

Boxes and boxes of it…

There’s loads more Silk Garden Chunky in many beautiful colourways. Julia knit this beautiful capelet with three balls of SGC:

The pattern is right here. Knit in less than 24 hours, finished with a Perl Grey leaf brooch et voila, tres jolie! Thanks Julia!

Alexa used Silk Garden Chunky to knit this great scarf:

Another quick knit on 8mm needles with three balls of SGC. Just cast on 22 stitches and work a K1, P1 rib until you’re done.

The Yarn Harlot is currently addicted to the Silk Garden striped scarf, she’s on her third. I found this project very addicting last year:

It’s Jared’s pattern. I’ve been thinking this scarf would be a perfect Christmas gift for a friend so yesterday I came home with several skeins of Silk Garden tucked in my bag. A girl just can’t have too many projects on the go, especially this time of year… We have many Silk Garden colour options, the combo possibilities are endless.

We’ve just unpacked several new colours of the beautiful Blossom in both stores. Try using this one for a gorgeous Bloom Shawl. There are also several fantastic Blossom projects in the many Noro books we have on our shelves.

And we have buckets of most of the other stunning Noro yarns including Kureyon, Iro, Kochoron and Transitions.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out Noro Mini Knits, by Jenny Watson:

Our most popular Noro book right now. It’s bursting with marvellous little Noro projects, there are lots of great quick-knit gift ideas in this one. Knock yourself out!

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