• Tsunami

That’s what it often feels like in our tiny office as waves of new boxes hit us with surprising frequency. 

We’ve unpacked some wonderful new items this week, including French Girl Knits:


Or if you prefer hooks to needles, check out Wrapped in Crochet:


A huge Cascade re-stock recently arrived.  Anina’s loving the Pastaza, she used it to knit some adorable Valentine hearts:


Look here for more info.  I’m tempted to tackle Jared’s Girasole blanket but I don’t really have time for it right now.  Please, help me resist, keep me away from the Pastaza…

We’ve just opened an enormous Blue Sky Alpacas re-stock with all the usual tempting suspects.  Sumptuously soft as always, with a glorious colour palette.

And yesterday we unpacked three big boxes of Garnstudio with loads of Eskimo, Alpaca and the lovely Lin.

There’s also Cherry Hill Sock yarn, stunning Tilli Tomas delicacies and a beautiful new line of shawl sticks, belt buckles and stitch marker necklaces.  Love the KNIT keychain:


Although we’ve been known to groan at the sight of a new wave of boxes, we’re always truly excited to see what’s inside.  Drop by sometime and share the excitement…

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