• Fall Collections

For a few weeks we’ve been welcoming Spring and the lightweight yarns and designs that come with the season.  But this weekend, Anina and I are flying to Toronto and abruptly changing course to view samples of winter woolly yarns and design sketches for cold weather wear.  It’s always fun to see what’s new.  And we’ve booked tix for Jersey Boys, the must-see show in town.  Definitely looking forward to that.  When we return next week we’ll give  you a full report on the hot new yarns and designs for Fall…

Top pick from the new boxes this week was the Handmaiden Bias Shawl kits:


Kathleen’s a big fan of these shawls, in fact she just finished knitting one.

We also have some stunning new skeins of Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit.  This sumptuous angora just calls out to be fondled, more than any other yarn we’ve seen.  It’s like having a row of soft, fluffy clouds hanging on the wall.  If you’re an angora fan, you should drop by for a look and a touch.

See you next week…

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