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Everyone’s knitting socks these days.  They’re great portable little projects, you can whip them out and knit a few rows anywhere you go.  And almost everybody enjoys wearing a pair of handknit socks.  We have tons and tons of sock stuff in our stores right now. 

Of course there are scads of sock yarn options.  The most recent arrival is Alchemy Juniper:


Absolutely stunning colourways.  Gina Wilde is the best.

Another new arrival is the Schachenmayr Regia Stretch Colour.  We had lots of requests for stretchy sock yarn so we brought in some Stretch Colour.  And if you’re a Regia fan, you’ll be happy to know that we also have Regia Bamboo Colour, Cotton Colour and the classic 4 ply and 6 ply. 

There’s also Kureyon Sock, Malabrigo Sock, Online 4 ply Harlekin and 6 ply Relax, just to name a few.  We have countless other sock yarn options, too many to mention in just one post.  Drop by, phone or email and we’d be happy to give you more info.

If you’re short on time, grab a Fleece Artist Merino Sock kit.  Or order a kit online.  One compact package contains both a pattern and 115 grams of beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn.  Presto bingo, you’re ready to cast on.

We also have lots of sock patterns, sock books and sock needles if you need them.  Have a look at the Hiya Hiya dp needle kit with three different sizes for sock knitting, bamboo or metal, in one cute little pouch.  We also have their 9 inch circulars which are also perfect for sock knitting.  Or treat yourself to a set of the Blue Sky Alpacas rosewood 5″ dp needles that come in their own tin with a different colour for each size:


 Love those cute, colourful little tins and the needles are fabulous.

Another very popular sockaholic tool is the Fiber Trends Sock Blocker.  If you’re knitting lots of socks these days, you’ll want a set of these.

And if you’d like to learn how to knit a pair of socks, sign up for one of our Sock Boot Camps and learn to knit a sock in just one day.  Sock Boot Camps are currently scheduled in Point Grey on Tuesday, May 12 or May 26, from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.  If you’d like to register or need more info, just phone us at 604-228-1122.  You can have a look at our entire Spring Class Schedule right here.

Happy Sock Knitting!

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