• Lantern Moon

We’ve re-stocked all of our Lantern Moon needles, baskets, and buttons this week. We’re really excited about the new 12″ Rosewood Straights – an absolute dream to knit with! In addition to the 12″ straights, we also have 14″ Rosewood Straights, 7″ Rosewood Double Points, and 5″ Rosewood Sox Stix.


Lantern Moon baskets are great for stashing yarn  and “on-the-go” projects. The Twisted Seagrass baskets are always popular as they can close completely with the drawstring closure. Another popular product is the extremely versatile rice basket that is pictured below. Use it to display, carry, and store all of your knitting goodies!



Most of the Lantern Moon products are hand made in Vietnam. These handcrafting skills such as woodcarving, basket weaving, and silk weaving are traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. In addition to providing women and their families with a steady income and a sense of self-reliance, this company inspires globally conscious living.

The baskets are always the first to go, so come check them out in both stores!

And just a side note that we’re in the process of upgrading our system to help serve you better. Unfortunately, we’ve had a few glitches with some of our emails coming through. If you haven’t heard a response to an email that you’ve sent in the past 24 hours, please call us with your enquiry and we’d be happy to help! This problem should be fixed by tomorrow morning – so please just bear with us…

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