• Playing in the garden

Cleo (pictured on the right) had a friend visit her the other day. Melanie brought Frieda (pictured on the left) over to play in the garden. Cleo and Frieda wore matching hoodies, but why not play around and make a whole wardrobe for your cute crocodile friends! Take a look at the pattern here, pick up a few colours of Cascade 220, and you’ll have one of these cuties knit up in no time!


Chilly was also playing outside. Anina knit him on an extremely cold June day… hence the name! Check out Anina’s ravelry page for more info on this darling dino. She used Noro Kureyon, but we’ve got lots of machine washable options as well.


Along with this great Prehistoric Pals pattern, we also have the Safari Friends pattern from Knitting At Knoon. Your kids are sure to love these!

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