• From our Friends at Fleece Artist… Part 2

This is Big Merino. One of our many new yarns from Fleece Artist. It’s a chunky 100% merino with absolutely gorgeous hand dyed colours! I’m sure one of our designers in the store will come up with some patterns soon…


We saw this next kit and just fell in love with the design. Mieka is a light weight cardigan made from Handmaiden’s Double Sea Silk. You want luxurious yarn? This is the one for you!



When you touch the Peter Rabbit yarn, it feels just like you’re petting a bunny. This yarn is the softest thing you’ll touch. Imagine a neck warmer in Peter Rabbit – super soft against your skin!


Hanna is the hat from the Elmira kits. So if you don’t want to knit the gloves, just grab a Hanna kit. The Hat is a helmet style design with big ear flaps – no need for ear muffs! We also brought in some Elmira kits for those who like matching hats and gloves.


Another new addition to our Fleece Artist collection is the Criss Cross Scarf kit.  Make a beautiful long scarf with the Suri Blue for under $20! You can’t beat that!

Phew… I think that’s it! I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten, but you’re going to have to stop by and see all the gorgeous colours anyway!

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