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This kit will bring anyone joy for years to come.  You can choose to make this poinsettia wreath for someone who doesn’t knit, or give the kit to someone who loves to create an heirloom piece of art.

baby snugs                           child_snugs_lo_res                          adult-snuglets
And, who wouldn’t love to spend wintery days wrapping their tired tootsies in these cozy, comfy, snugs.  These kits include suede sole pads for traction, exterior wool, and interior lining of alpaca.  Plus, they keep their shape.  Hint to anyone listening, I would love to have a pair of these for Christmas. 

ripple toteOr, for purse lovers, this tote has great texture with ridges formed using short rows and tucks.  The handles are rings encased in i-cord and felted.  Another great gift idea!

We also carry a great assortment of other kits by Pick Up Sticks including the Sushi Wallet, Coin Purse, Blooms Bracelet, and another one of my favourites, Flora Doll. 

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