• Remembering with CamoSweaters by Susan Hillman


On this day of Remembrance, I would like to share with you a project that I think is very touching and inspiring.  I met Susan at our Edgemont store where she was looking for yarn to finish a border for a collaborative afghan quilt to send to Afghanistan.  She is a lovely, caring person who touched my heart with her efforts and is an inspiration for all.  Below is a description of her project that was recently exhibited in a gallery on Bowen Island.

“CamoSweaters” is an ongoing project dedicated to the (131) Canadian soldiers (1 diplomat and 2 aides) killed in Afghanistan between 2002 – now.  The symbolic sweaters are knitted by hand as a reminder of the socks, scarves and mittens lovingly knitted by women for the troops of WWI and WWII.  In July, 2006, I knitted a red sweater and sent it to “The Red Sweater Deployment Project”, an open participatory project out of San Francisco dedicated to over 4,000 US soldiers lost to the war in Iraq c/o Nina Rosenberg and The Curiosity Guild, San Francisco, California. www.redsweaters.org.  That small contribution inspired me to recognize the Canadian casualties in Afghanistan, which I, myself, could honour by knitting a sweater for each soldier lost.

Just a reminder that we are open today at both stores but only from 12-5. 



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