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I joined the knitting olympics. I know, I know, it wasn’t enough to challenge Anina to a sweater knitting competition, no. I had to take things one step further. I am so enjoying the wonderful exciting atmosphere of this city and I am awed by the way our athletes are pushing themselves to the limit. That in mind, I decided to accept the challenge posed by the Knitting Olympics.


What are the knitting olympics you might ask? They are a challenge to all knitters to get their knitting game on. While our athletes are pushing themselves to make personal bests and to land on the podium you are encouraged to challenge yourself to a knitting project.  For the record: I’m not comparing the years of hard work athletes spend training etc. to a 2 week knitting project, that would be silly. For the full details you can check out the Yarnharlot’s post about the Olympics here. She explains all the details.


I spent yesterday wandering the crowds downtown and this afternoon cheering on our women’s hockey team, but other than that I have been glued to CTV enjoying every televised moment of the games. Of course, I couldn’t let my hands idle so I am plugging away at my own challenge: The Dude.

I spent this summer with some of my cousins in Winnipeg and we thoroughly enjoyed drinking White Russians and watching The Big Lebowski. I came across the pattern on Ravelry a while ago and this 2 week challenge seemed like the perfect time to pick it up. I cast on Friday night while Wayne (no last name required) lit the flame. I have almost finished the back in the first weekend so I am at least somewhat on track. There are, however, some things I should have considered before embarking on this project:

1. 1×1 rib. Not just the  cuffs, not just the bottom ribbing. The WHOLE THING. Seriously.

2. Charts make it slow knitting while watching the games and also lead to a lot of ‘wait, what just happened!?’

3. Aren’t I supposed to be in another sweater competition of sorts?

These are all things that should have probably been considered more seriously before Friday but as it stands I am attempting to finish 2 sweaters by the closing ceremonies. Good times.

I am not, however, the only one at UY who will be embarking on this journey, almost all the gals have cast something on! Here’s the list:

Jan will be working on the Burberry Cowl

Anina will be making Sahara, by Stitch Diva (and a Reindeer sweater)

Amanda will be making Prairie Boots

Kalin will be making the Playtime Hoodie

Sarah will be making the Sea Vines Vest by Fleece Artist

and I will be makeing The Dude (large size with Cascade Eco)

You can follow our progress,  get all project info, or join us through our Ravelry group

PS: The Reindeer sweater is coming along

PPS: doesn’t it look like I’ve accomplished a lot with these detail photos? What a faker, I haven’t even finished the back!


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