• GCC: Progress Report


The sweater has become all consuming. Although I managed to whip through the back last week the progress since then has been slightly slower going. I had a minor mishap with the sleeve: 1/2 way done before I realized I hadn’t been doing the increases and had to rip back to row 9. Ripping back colourwork is painful. Don’t find this out for yourself though, just take my word for it!


The other setback has been that chart work is not portable or conversable knitting (I made up that word, let’s have it catch on). While I’m sure there are individuals in the world who can chart and talk and watch hockey all at the same time I am unfortunately not one of them. That being said, I couldn’t just not knit ANYTHING while waiting 3 hours to see the Colbert Report so I had to continue work on a little garter stitch project.


I’m using more of the lovely Sweetgeorgia yarn, this time it’s Tough Love Sock in the colour Honey Fig. Something about naming yarn after food is intriguing to me. I’m not even sure I love purple on the best of days but I was immediately attracted to this skein. Weird. I think it’s in the name. The pattern is Multnomah and it’s quite nice. It’s a simple pattern to start, just some increases, then it gets into the feather and fan lace at the bottom. I’ll have to pick up something else conversable when I get to that point I think.

To make a Multnomah of your very own you will need:

1 skein Sweetgeorgia Tough Love Sock

3.25mm (US3) needles (I like the addi lace for this project, 24″)

The pattern, which is free here

With that little side track and the setback in the sleeve I have completed the back, almost all of one sleeve, the cuff of the other sleeve. and part of the right front. I think this might be why my Mom calls me the queen of almost. When I have almost finished something it tends to reside in the finished side of my mind. Then, when I have to gift and item or bring it to the shop I realize it’s not REALLY finished. There is still often a little sewing, some buttons to put on, or ends to weave in. Sometimes late at night (almost always). Ah well, such is the life of a knitter! I’m off to watch some curling and rib my heart out!



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