• Haiku


A lovely box of Alchemy Haiku was delivered today! Alchemy is a company which we love for it’s luxurious fibres, and rich, vibrant colours. Take a look at their website to find out a little bit more about them, and how you can contribute to the social and economic well-being of different cultures and communities by purchasing their yarns.

Venus, who works in the Point Grey store on Mondays, is in the process of knitting the Illusionist shawl from Destination Alchemy (pictured below). This shawl takes 4 skeins of Alchemy Haiku, and is knit on a 6mm needle. Venus recommends using the Addi Lace needles or bamboo needles, as the regular Addi needles are too slippery for this yarn. The pattern is made from rows of slip stitch ribbing, alternated with stocking stitch ruches. It’s absolutely stunning with the change in texture, and subtle change in colour depending on which colour-way you chose. We have 11 georgeous colours to chose from including dragon, meadowgrass, mediterranean, and aubergine (pictured above).

Other yarns that we carry from Alchemy are Juniper, Silk Purse, and Silken Straw.


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