• GCC: Olympic Goal?


Well, sometimes the Olympics (knitting or otherwise) don’t go as planned. My sweater did not go as planned and is sadly, not quite finished. I was casting off the sleeve as the closing ceremonies were on, not sewing in ends as I had intended. I would normally feel a little badly for not having met a goal but for some reason this time, I don’t. This was an ambitious project that ran into a few problems at the start (ribbing, sleeve ripping, chart reading etc.) but those are not really the reason my sweater is unfinished.


If the Olympics had been anywhere else I would be wearing my cozy sweater right now, but it was here, in my city! I spent so much time in the happy Vancouver streets, at a few hockey games, a few bars, at Olympic parties, hosing parties, it was a fantastic 17 days and I regret nothing! I waited 6 hours to hold the medals, 4 hours to see the Colbert Report, and more than a few hours in security screening line ups. I met new people and enjoyed the atmosphere. Cheered and cried, all the things that proud Canadians did in the last couple of weeks. That isn’t to say that those who completed their projects weren’t living it up, they are just a hint more dedicated than I. So my sweater is unfinished but this experience was fantastic.

That being said, a shout out to my ladies who DID finish their projects!

Jan finished her beautiful Burberry Cowl


and Amanda finished here lovely Prairie Boots


Well done ladies!



3 Responses to “GCC: Olympic Goal?”

  1. Amanda says:

    As much as I would love to take credit for crossing the Knit-Olympic finish line I cant….

    What happened? you may ask- let me tell you. Opening ceremony I casted on- right on schedule. The next day I finished one boot so I told myself that I had to slow it down so I would’nt finish before the closing ceremony. So Sunday rolled around and feeling confident I started on the other boot and was just about to cast off during the closing ceremony when I realized I had knit the second boot a small size when the first boot was a medium…uggg I ripped it all out. Take two (the next day of course). I knit the boot up again, wove in my ends and sewed on the buttons to realize I had knit 2 LEFT BOOTS…. Lesson learned- dont leave things to the last moment and haste makes waste. I will finish these stupid boots this week- I swear.

  2. kalin says:

    I finished my hoodie project too!
    It was only for a 4 year old though so not nearly as ambitious as a adult sweater. It does make me feel like finishing an adult sweater is actually possible for me though, so a big win overall.

  3. Nancy says:

    I finished, too! Though mine was a hat, Alexa, so about 1/30 of what you took on. Knowing you were doing The Dude inspired me to keep going, even when I felt I was in colourwork hell.

    Finish line, WOOT!