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Sometimes you knit a pattern and it just works for you. It has all the interest you want without being overly complicated, it works for the yarn you love, and it is a usable piece of knitted art when you are finished. The final product isn’t just beautiful but something you can wear or use as well (depending on the project of course).These patterns don’t come along every day. They aren’t even the same for every knitter. You just know when you’ve found one.


The Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark is just such a pattern for me. I loved it. I still love it. I will love it again soon! I finished mine and immediately wanted to cast on for another! I kind of have a little obsession forming (like I need another little knitting related obsession!). I love the lacy pine cones and the way the decreases/increases create a sort of circular look. Just beautiful.


Of course you have all already heard me rave about the yarn I used too: CashSilk Lace by SweetGeorgia. A skein of CashSilk is 400 yards and the pattern calls for 450 but I just cut out a repeat and made it a little smaller. One of the things I like about this pattern is that you can really make it as big or as small as you want. The repeats are easy to memorize but not too boring so it became conversational knitting shortly after I started it.


With Mother’s Day around the corner I want to get 2 more shawls on the needles myself (one for Mumsy and one for Mom in Law) and I highly recommend a little lacy scarf or shawl (depending on the mother) as a nice gift. A skein or 2 of sock yarn will do nicely for a slightly thicker (and faster) version or you can go all out and pick up some lace. I like the Malabrigo Lace for price, softness, and colour range (don’t try to backtrack with this stuff though, nightmare!). There are also some nice Fleece Artist and Handmaiden laceweights around the shop that will do the trick. Of course, the Cashsilk is the ultimate lace treat in my opinion!

To make a Shetland Triangle (or 3) of your very own you will need:

The Pattern which you can purchase here or you can find it in the book Wrap Style at UY

The Yarn: 1 skein SweetGeorgia Cashsilk Lace

The Needles: I used 4mm Addi Lace in 24″ but needle choice with lace is kind of personal choice. A larger needle will give you a lacier look while smaller needles will be a little tighter. Up to you.

1 stitch marker and blocking pins.



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