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Although I really love knitting (hard to tell isn’t it?) sometimes I find myself stalled. There are just so many beautiful things to knit and so little knitting time. To be fair, I think I would always feel there wasn’t enough knitting time, even if I knit all day every day.

Anyhow, I find myself a little stalled in my tracks as to what to get knitting next. There are definitely things I SHOULD be knitting. Like a certain couple of sweaters that shall remain nameless. Or perhaps I should pick out one of my lovely boxes of stashed yarn and just get crackin’! But instead I have chosen to clear my head with some garter stitch. The theraputic qualities of garter stitch are endless. I have often heard knitting referred to as yoga-esque and I think garter stitch supports this theory. What I can never figure out is why stockinette doesn’t have the same effect for me. It’s not as if purling is somehow more stressful than knitting. It’s weird that way.


I figured as long as I was creating a great swath of garter stitch, it might as well be working towards a purpose. I’m working on Brooklyn Tweed’s Tweed Baby Blanket. Normally I frown upon knitting something up in the exact same colours as the pattern. Not always, but it somehow feels less creative to me. There are, however, certain patterns that are just so fantastic in their original colour combos, they are just begging to be copied. The soft greys in this pattern are so lovely and neutral without being too boring. I’m using Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran in a light and dark grey. The pattern calls for a lighter weight yarn (DK or 22 stitches per 4 inches) the original is a bit lighter and airier but I like the squishy quality of mine. Garter stitch is inherantly squishy but the aran weight yarn gives is a little something extra. Till next time, when I get myself a little un-stalled!


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