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There seems to be a bit of a toy craze sweeping the ladies at Urban Yarns. As usual, I think Anina may have started it, but others have taken the toy obsession to a whole new level…..


Enter Amanda. Amanda is a spectacular knitter, her attention to detail is awe inspiring and her rate of completed projects boggles the mind! She has a prolific blog, The Knitty Knitty Gritty, in which she expounds on knitting and on life in general. Amanda is not only knitting up a storm (you can’t throw a rock at UY without hitting a sample she has made) she has a few designs as well. Her headbands are my personal favorite, they have a nice touch of class about them, I imagine ladies wearing them in the 20’s and 30’s on the ski hills of the Rockies…but I digress.


The toy phase is nothing short of amazing to me. There are so many techniques and details in a toy, but of course, they are small so they have a lot of instant gratification. These toys pictured here are from some super cute kits we have in the shop. The kit includes all of the eyes and bits and bobs as well as the pattern, all you need is some scrap yarn. I say scrap yarn, but I’m pretty sure Amanda went all out with some luscious Blue Sky Alpaca, a girl after my own heart!


We’ve got lots of kits left and if you are particularly interested in Harriet Rabbit, Amanda even designed an adorable Tutu pattern for her! Join the craze and start knitting a few toys of your own..tune in next week for Sara’s adorable monsters…

Happy knitting!


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