• Pear Tree Scrumptiousness

Mmmmmm, new yarn. It’s pretty exciting when we get in new colours. It’s way more exciting when we get a new yarn from an old friend. It’s the MOST exciting when we get an entirely new line of yarn! We are all pretty knitting nerdy around the shop (do I really need to tell you that?!) and nothing creates a buzz like a whole new yarn. When we got Shibui there were emails and texts flying about what we would make with the lovely new yarn, would we revamp some old favorite patterns? Try the new patterns we got with the yarn? What colour combos would be best?! It can be a little crazy and pretty funny when you take a step back from the situation.


These are just a few of our colours.

That being said, I’d like to share the new Pear Tree yarns! The ladies at Friday night stitch and bitch were convinced there must be something other than pure merino in it. No, they exclaimed, it can’t be ONLY merino, it’s just too soft. It is the softest merino I personally have ever come across. Sometimes yarns without much spin can be pretty soft but that’s the other surprising thing about this yarn, it has a spin to it and it’s still super soft. Anina had some crazy idea about knitting a sweater for her nephew in this stunning new yarn on Friday night but don’t worry, we talked her out of it.  She’s working on a gorgeous turtleneck sweater for herself instead!

We’ve got 2 weights of this yarn. Drop in and check out the lovely colours and give this yarn a pet!

One Response to “Pear Tree Scrumptiousness”

  1. Kynna says:

    Agreed, this yarn is gorgeous!! I am loving it in the shawl I am making :)