• Debbie Stoller is Coming to Town!


There are many books in the world attempting to teach people to knit, some good, some less than so. My very favorite book that I have not only used myself but that I recommend to new knitters and have purchased many times as a gift for a new knitter is Debbie Stolller’s Stitch and Bitch. I like it so much I also bought her Son of Stitch and Bitch (a men’s pattern book) and knit a lovely cardigan for my Dad. I was batting 1000 so when I decided to pick up crochet, I bought the Happy Hooker and away I went. The patterns are good but what I REALLY love about Debbie’s books (aside from the fact they are hip and she has been hip longer than knitting has been hip) are the diagrams. The diagrams are so easy to follow and her witty writing style makes everything seem fun and reassured you that many have made any mistake you are making many times before.

Well, she’s back! Debbie is has come out with a new book AND she’ll be speaking at Urban Yarns on November 10th. I’m pretty giddy about the whole thing myself so I will be there with bells on. If you are interested in attending just give us a call. Debbie’s new book is called Stitch and Bitch: The Superstar Knitter and it takes her classic Stitch and Bitch to the next level. With more advanced patterns and techniques, this book goes a little beyond the basics. Sara, Kynna, and I were scanning the book on Firday and we’ve already picked out a few projects. We have some knitting to do in the next couple of weeks!


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