• Knitting up Something Seussical


One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the stocking. I’ve found over time that different families have quite different traditions regarding this iconic item. My aunty and cousins wrap every little thing in the stocking and the whole thing has to cost less than $30. Mostly it gets filled with toiletries, perhaps a book, that kind of thing. Also, everyone contributes to the stocking. In my family, even though we are all growed up, my mummy is the queen of the stocking. Our stockings can sometimes include the major present of the year (especially as electronics get smaller and smaller), nothing is wrapped, and I honestly can’t remember the last time everything even fit in my stocking!


Amanda has created this beautiful stocking that has all the features I look for in a proper stocking. It’s big. This is a must to fit as much loot as possible into the actual stocking. It’s also felted so it’s strong enough to hold all Christmas booty and still hang by the fire for Santa. It also has my current favorite, the pompom! These are some pretty serious pompoms too. They are so big and fluffy they look like snowballs. Adorable. The second most charming part of this stocking is the seussical looking tail. It has a stiff wire in it so it stays nice and curly. It’s just lovely and it really reminds me of the Grinch. Knit one of these lovelies up in whatever colour scheme suits you. We have many suitable felting yarns, including the mother of all felting yarns: Cascade. I like the look of a felted hand dye, it really adds a new depth and I’ve recently seen some gorgeous tweeds felted up. There are lots to choose from!


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