• Beginnings and Endings

This New Years I’m thinking both of new beginnings and some sad goodbyes. It’s ringing in new adventures and saying goodbye to the year past. As some of you might know, Tuesday was my last day at Urban Yarns before my year of Maternity leave. While I’m obviously pleased to be taking the time off and REALLY excited about my own new beginning as Mommy dearest, it’s still sad not to see my favorite ladies on a daily basis. Both my hubby and my friends are doubtful I’ll be able to stay away from the yarn shop for any real length of time, so I hope to see everyone at knit nights! I will also still be blogging my little heart out so you won’t miss me here!


As for sad goodbyes, the lovely and charming Sarah is moving down south to beautiful San Francisco. Sarah is a fabulous knitter and her witty (and sometimes delightfully nerdy) conversation will be missed around Urban Yarns. Sarah is always good for an interesting knit or a Glee conversation, among her many talents. If you see a sweater all knit up in the shop, chances are it was knit by either Sarah or Anina. We’ll all miss you Sarah!


Before she left Sarah knit up this lovely Dipped Infinity Scarf using various sock yarns. I just think it’s so beautiful. We spent quite some time picking out all the colours and deciding how they should go together. We toyed with rainbows but decided the scarf would be beautiful but possible wouldn’t get enough wardrobe play. We also looked at a black to white scheme with various shades of grey in the middle, also a nice option. That’s really the beauty of this scarf, any pallette will do, the options are endless!


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  1. Anina says:

    We will miss you Sarah! Somehow I know she will be back to visit some day… I foresee the stories only getting more eventful from the lovely Alexa.