• Last Minute Ornament Knits


Well, it’s time to start counting the hours rather than the days! Knitters are looking for the chunkiest yarn (or even holding some chunky yarn doubled) and the biggest needles. 20mm is a comically large size of needle. I’ve knit a few last minute items on these and when I was knitting on the ferry I think at least 10 people just HAD to know what I was up to. They were a great conversation starter.


If you don’t want to go big, you can go small with these super cute ornaments. Kynna knit up hers little snowman in an evening. There are a lot of little techniques in these ornaments but they go so fast! The snowman is adorable but I’m also quite smitten with Owen and Olive, the Christmas monsters. If they aren’t the funniest ornaments on the tree, I don’t know what is.


I knit up some Little Sock Ornaments as well, designed by moi. They knit up in 1/2 hour or less if you’re looking for a little something to top a prezzie or jazz up a Christmas card. I knit mine up in Blue Sky Alapcas Melange and Sport for the rainbow socks and a little Peter Rabbit and some Blue Sky Alpacas Suri merino for the white.


So break out your double points, pick up a pattern, yarn, or a kit, and enjoy the next couple of days with some Christmas nog and movies!

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