• Some Lovely Gifts

While I promise not to blog solely about my new little girl and her knitted wardrobe I simply had to share some pretty fabulous knitted gifts that Hunter has received. First up are some gifts from a couple of lovely knit night ladies,Ashley and Kirsten. if you want to give someone a custom name necklace as a gift, they can check it out here!


There was an evening this past fall (or was it summer? I’m losing track of time) when UY had a run on Misti Alpaca, in the rainbow colourway in particular. It was one of those knit night things where Kynna (or someone else but I find Kynna to be the most excitable) walks into the knitting ring with a new and exciting yarn and begins to ponder what she will do with it. Inevitably someone will suggest something perfect they saw on Ravelry and the thing seems to take on a life of its own. Suddenly three knitters are holding skeins of the coveted yarn and there is a small crowd around the computer searching for their very own perfect yarn-pattern match. It’s happened more than once and it’s one of my favorite things about knit night, the enthusiasm for all things fibre and pattern related.

But I digress….This particular obsession resulted in a a Colonade shawl by Kirsten and a Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Ashley. A few weeks later I came in to knit night and each charming gal had knit me an itty bitty rainbow something for my soon to be born hippie child from their yarn left over! Kirsten knit the Mary Jane Booties and Ashley knit the Bambino Bamboozle hat.  The alpaca is delightfully bright and soft, baby perfect in my books. I’m obviously a sucker for a rainbow and I find them to be especially great for precious little girls named Hunter.


The other fabulous knitted item that was gifted to Hunter is a very adorable sweater. Recognize it? It’s a sweater inspired by one of my favorite children’s books: Where The Wild Things Are. If that’s not the cutest pic, I just don’t know what is. Sara knit this sweater out of Qina, by Mirasol and it is so soft Hunter just curled herself right up in it. The pattern is Wild Thing.

Thanks so much ladies! Hunter is actually able to wear some knitted items, even though her Mummy only knit her things she will fit into 6 months from now!


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