• My Favorite Booties

2 month photos, the phone is for scale

There are man baby bootie patterns out there. I mean MANY. Some are cute little button up items, a nice wardrobe addition but for miss Hunter I wanted a substantial bootie to keep her feet warm. Socks have been an issue, but in a different way than most. Hunter’s little friend Sofia is always losing her socks because they are too big for her teeny tiny feet. Hunter is always loosing her socks because they are too small for her large feet. Why no just purchase some bigger socks you might ask? Because her ankles are still very small so they fall off! You can see why she needs some nice wool booties to ward off the cold.

My very faves are these bad boys from Elizabeth Zimmerman. The patten calls for a fingering weight (AKA socks weight or 28 stitches per 4 inches) but Hunter has some enormous baby feet (skis) so I knit mine in a DK weight. They are a little bigger but they will fit longer, always a good thing. They are really just little sacks for her feet that stay on with ties. I was supposed to secure the ties to the bootie but apparently I enjoy searching the house for longish pieces of i-cord instead…..


The construction of these booties is amazing. I wasn’t sure I would really end up with actual booties in the end because they are knit all in one sort of square piece (you’ll know what I mean if you knit a pair) that needs only one little seam. This is a good project for a beginner with some faith because there are only increases and decreases, no heel turns.

It’s hard to find baby socks in darker colours. There is a lot of pink and blue, a little yellow and that’s about it. Hunter needs to be stylin’ though and she needs black socks! I settled for a very dark purple but I’ll be making a few more pairs of these for sure, so black is still on the list!

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