• The Art of Yarn


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, knitting is art. There are many who would agree (and some who would not) but I firmly believe that the use of fibers to create a unique item, whether it be a garment, a household item, or just a pretty piece of knitting is definitely art.

On the CBC As it Happens they recently aired a piece on a small group of knitters in the UK. They were inspired by famous works of art and created masterpieces in their preferred medium: yarn. Some of the re-imagined masterpieces were creating using quilting, needle point, knitting or crochet.

You can check out a little about the CBC piece here and there is also a facebook page with more examples of inspired fiber art here. There is also a pretty fantastic pattern for a Marilyn Monroe illusion knitted wall hanging here on Ravelry if you are in the mood to re-interpret some art with a pattern. I find this kind of work inspiring, knitting solely for the sake of art, without the practical element of useful knitwear. Knit up something just for the fun of it!

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