• Go Canucks Go!


Well, isn’t this exciting! Our little Canucks are headed to the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Those who are not hockey/Canuck fans are probably tired of hearing about them but a chance at the Stanley Cup doesn’t come around too often. I only vaguely remember the 94 series, being 10 at the time. My parents, brothers, and myself all sitting around the TV with our white towels, our eyes glued to the little black puck. I think there is something exciting about the playoffs whether you are a hockey fan or not. I love a good get together to watch the game and I think this time around I might just need some playoff knitting.

Team colours are definitely in order! Some stripey socks perhaps in the blue, green, and white. Or if you are feeling particularly proud of the hometown team and need a slightly more ornate project this scarf might just fit the bill!


Cascade has the Canuck colours in their truest form but if you are looking for something more interpretive and a little less literal there are many options around the shop. Shibui sock or Spud and Chloe Fine come in some Canuck-esque colours as well (perfect for my stripey socks….)

One Response to “Go Canucks Go!”

  1. Although Vancouver won the first game, we are still very excited the bruins are in the Stanley Cup. One of the first teams in this league. The previous time that team were even in it was in Ray Borque’s old days there.