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He shoots he scores! While watching the Canuck’s game on Wednesday night I cast on for my very own Orca whale (the Orca being the Canuck mascot of course). I’ve been kind of into the popular patterns and group knits lately. It gives me some sense of connection to know that many people are working on the same projects at the same time. Anina is working on a whale of her own as well.

Even though I’m enjoying working on similar projects I never want to be exactly the same to I’ve opted for some blue and green Malabrigo to create a colourful and somewhat team coloured Orca, instead of the classic black and white. Anina is working hers in Cascade 220 (in fact she’s probably already done!).

I’m finding my groove with toy knitting, preferring to work with some weightier yarns (avoiding the DK and sock weight items) and learning when I can and cannot watch the latest episode of 30 Rock. Working the body? No problem, anything can be going on around me. Time to cast on for those pesky detailed limbs, that’s knitting best done in a quieter place and head space. Orca’s not too tough though so I’m happy to be working on it while the games go on.

To make and Orca of your very own you will need:

Worsted weight (around an 18 stitch gauge) yarn in 2 colours

3.5mm needles

the pattern which you can find for free here.

Rock Island Update: Garter stitch with a few decreases seams like the easiest thing I’ve ever done after all that lace. I’m still trying to figure out how I will be knitting at the last minute but I’m sure I will be…..

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