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I’m always very excited when I start a new project. In fact, perhaps a little too excited. At first I’m just excited to cast on. This fresh new project is going to be the best ever created. Then I start thinking, maybe I’ll knit one for a friend. I bet my mum would really like one of these. This would also look great in blue….thus a monster is created. Then by the time I finish the project I’m usually pretty glad to be done. Time has been spent, mistakes have undoubtedly been made and I am no longer having visions of grandeur.


That being said, it is a sign of a great pattern when I really do knit it up again and again (even twice is a pretty big complement). One of my particular faves is the Shetland triangle. I am enjoying my second summer of excessive lace knitting (several shawls have been cast on in a fit of startitis) and when I lovingly pulled my first Shetland Triangle out of it’s hiding spot I immediately wanted to cast on for another. The lovely leafy sort of pattern is so pretty and the excellent yarn I picked for the first one (Cashsilk by SweetGeorgia in Riptide) didn’t hurt my desire to cast on for the second. Second time around I’m enjoying this knit just as much, a great pattern and a great finished product.


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