• A Little Something for the Tree

I’ve been scouring books, leaflets, and ravelry for some perfect little Christmas tree items. I’m hoping to mass produce some cute items for my friends and family and to make some little gift toppers so it has to be something small, interesting enough to keep me going, and of course, adorable!


First up is a new-to-me book “55 Christmas Balls to Knit”. I think the front cover sold me on this one, these two look like they would be fun to hit the town with! There are (as they really make clear in the title) 55 lovely Christmas balls to knit. I like this because the basic shape stays the same (and simple) but I can mix it up with the patterns, to keep things interesting. Amanda has already started hers!


My other ornament plan is Ysolda Teague’s Little Mushrooms. These are just adorable, for the person with a woodsy tree or more rustic decor. The original pattern is for a weighted mushroom that stands on its own, the stem has coins in it. I plan to skip the coins and just stuff them for an ornament!


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